Grape Expectations: Fiano

I’m heading to Italy this month to focus on Fiano. This little-known grape variety is responsible for one of my favourite Sicilian wines from an excellent outfit known as ‘The Wine People’ who make good value, easy-going wines in the south of Italy. Fiano can also make some rather fine wines, particularly when grown on the volcanic soils of Avellino in Campania.

It is well-adapted to dry conditions, and keeps its freshness under hot temperatures, and so Fiano is also starting to find favour in areas of the new world – notably Australia’s McLaren Vale. Growing grapes which are less thirsty requires less irrigation and is thus helping growers to be more environmentally friendly in their viticultural practices.

We should all be drinking more Fiano!

Miopasso Fiano, Sicily – Stone fruits and citrus together with a classy minerality make for a summery, versatile wine.