Grape Expectations: Margaux

As we head towards the festive season, many of us look for bottles which carry a certain cachet. Something that, when brought to a dinner party, will evoke coos of ‘oh, how lovely’. Margaux is one such wine. Properly speaking, of course, Margaux is not a wine but a place, located on the prestigious Left Bank of Bordeaux’s Garonne river.

When compared with the other communes of the Left Bank (Pauillac, Saint Julien and so on), Margaux is often said to be more elegant, perfumed and delicate. It is ageworthy, but if you have a young wine a couple of hours in the decanter will work wonders. Thanks to a slightly higher percentage of Merlot than its other Left Bank cousins, Margaux can often be more approachable when younger.

Recommendation: Maison Sichel Margaux – Perfume and poise are the hallmarks of this Margaux. Drinking well now but will mature gracefully over the next five years. 

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