Grape Expectations: Vermentino

There’s nothing like Vermentino for making me feel like I’m on holiday. Perhaps it’s because it is most widely grown in sunny destinations such as Sardinia, Tuscany, Corsica, or the South of France. It could also be the hint of salinity you can often find in Vermentino that puts me in mind of a sea breeze.

This grape variety is mostly used to make aromatic, dry white wines in Italy (where of course, the Italians make things confusing by giving it such various names as Favorita and Pigato). It is also a key ingredient in the rosé wines of Provence where it contributes aromatic and citrussy flavours, while also allowing the Provencal winemakers to continue to make their rosé so pale that it may as well be utterly transparent.

While varietal Vermentino is a wonderful thing, it is also an excellent blending partner for the likes of Colombard and Sauvignon Blanc for what I might term ‘fridge door whites’ – inexpensive, dry, easy-drinking wines that you can throw into a glass (or a risotto) without thinking too hard.

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