HeavenSake is a collaboration between Regis Camus, Chef de Caves at Maison Rare Champagne, and several Japan-based sake brewers. Typically, sake brewers blend multiple batches of sake that use the same ingredients and methods. Regis takes a different approach by blending completely different sakes (rice and style) to make something new and complex. This unique blending method is done by only a few other producers Richard Geoffroy (ex Dom Perignon) and François Chartier.

All of HeavenSake’s sakes are Junmai style (aka no brewer’s alcohol added) and blended to have a more ‘Western’ flavour. HeavenSake markets itself as an alternative to wine. The sakes are vegan, sulfite-free, gluten-free, contain no added sugar and are low in acidity. HeavenSake also claims that their sakes stay fresh once opened for an impressive 4-week period if appropriately stored in a refrigerator.

At the OWC, we stock four different HeavenSakes.

Junmai 12 – This is a great introduction to the HeavenSake range. Junmai (high percentage of sake grain remaining) tend to be richer, less floral and more umami-driven. This sake is a blend of sakes from Konishi brewery in the warm Hyogo prefecture. The Toji (aka head brewer) at Konishi is Akiko Sanone one of Japan’s few female Toji. Pair Junmai 12 with mushroom risotto or fatty tuna.

Junmai Ginjo – This sake, from the Miyagi-based brewery Urakasumi, is a blend of three different rice types. It is classified as a Ginjo, meaning the rice must have a minimum of 40% of its mass polished away. The palate of this sake is quite salty and mineral. The nose has notes of lemon peel, hops and puffed rice cereal. Pair this Junmai Ginjo with herb roast chicken or shellfish.

Sake Baby! – Another Junmai Ginjo but made in a very different style. This sake is much rounder on the palate and has fruity notes of pears and plums. The Hakushika brewery is based in the Hyogo prefecture. HeavenSake recommends pairing Sake Baby! with pizza and pasta…Bold move.

Junmai Daigingo – Daigingos are the highest quality designation; rice must have a minimum of half of its mass (50%) polished away. In this blend, some of the sake rice has 75% of its mass polished off! The brewer, Dassai, is based in the southern Yamaguchi prefecture. This sake is light and precise with floral and fruity notes. Pair this ​​Junmai Daigingo with ceviche or hard salty cheese.

If you have any questions about HeavenSake or any of the sakes in our come into one of our shops for a chat.