Mark’s moment of fame!

In honour of National Prosecco Day yesterday, Turl Street Shop Manager Mark Warde-Aldam was interviewed by BBC Radio Oxford’s Jamie Ryan on the subject of whether we have reached ‘Peak Prosecco’.

Mark said:

‘Fifteen years ago no-one even knew what Prosecco was, and we have witnessed this massive growth over the years.

Champagne prices have become absolutely astronomical now – I mean Bollinger is over 40 quid a bottle. I think we’re all looking for something that’s nice and light and frivolous and easy to drink and Prosecco seems to tick all those boxes.

But I suspect that sales of Prosecco have probably peaked. We are always full of fashion and fads in the booze business. I think we’ve probably been drinking Prosecco for about ten years now and it’s really reached a kind of crescendo. I suspect that Cava might have a sudden resurgence, because Cava is extremely good value.

So I wouldn’t mind betting that the next thing that’ll start to sell will be Cava.’