Talking Wine – May 2018

So Montana are using Australian grapes to produce their Brancott New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc brand. From what I gather this is totally legal but hugely deceptive and makes a complete mockery of the law. It seems that Australian bulk Sauvignon is cheaper than New Zealands and it being bought to keep the price below a certain key point in the domestic market.

It all depends on your philosophy – do you want a pleasant drink or a genuine example of wine from a specific region. I have a NZ friend who would be furious if he knew he was drinking Aussie juice !!!!

Pol Roger have unearthed some really old champagne which has been buried below its Epernay facilities for over 100 years. In 1900, and following heavy rain ,the storage facility caved in but later generations always suspected that there might be some unbroken bottles amongst the rubble. With plans to build on this area they used modern laser technology to try to determine what was there before sending in the builders. They have already founds bottles and are now looking for some lost barrels too.

The wines found so far have been beautifully clear in the bottle and are at the right neck level which suggests the wine is well preserved. Excavation continues and there is great excitement as to what will be found. As a long time Pol Roger stockist I just hope I get invited to the tasting!!!

Sad or inspirational ? A young couple have just completed visiting every single “The Red Lion” pub in the country. Starting in 2015 they have clocked up 20,000 miles even flying to Inverness to ensure no Red Lions went unseen. Kayleigh Snell and Paul Tyack decided to embark on this crazy venture after visiting the Red Lion in Northmoor, Oxfordshire and discovering that it was the most famous and common name for pubs in the UK. They have one final pub to visit and will then call time on their odyssey. Along the way they have received some exceptional hospitality and raised money for charity too. Well done the pair of you. !! Totally mad.