Talking Wine – April 2018

Some rather dimwitted thieves stole a bottle of Vodka from a bar in Copenhagen , drank the contents and then threw away the bottle onto a construction site. The only problem was the fact that the bottle was worth over £1m and the contents far less!

The bottle in question had been borrowed by Bar 33 for display purposes along with 1200 other unusual bottles. This one contained gold and silver and was adorned with leather from the 1912 Monte Carlo rally. Its cap was shaped like a Russian imperial eagle and encrusted with diamonds. Luckily it was still in perfect condition and could be refilled with Russian Vodka thus retaining its original value. Had the thieves been a little smarter they could have been drinking vodka for 50 years rather that thinking the value lay in the contents of this bottle.

I find it rather encouraging to read that Champagne sales are down in the UK. This is not because I dislike the product – far from it ! I would always rather drink the stuff but I feel prices are being overly hiked to cope with the constant marketing and I hate seeing a quality product being regularly promoted at crazy prices in the supermarkets.

However sales of English Sparkling wine are up – well done for supporting a quality product . I dream of the time that sales overtake the French but it seems that may be a while off yet !

So on a cheaper sparkling note I have to ask if the Prosecco bubble is bursting. Production is down – demand is high and so prices have risen considerably in 2018 . Will we go back to exploring the drier Cava or will a trendy new fizz emerge from central Europe?

Italy produced nearly 90 million fewer cases of bulk wine than in 2016 and saw average prices per litre increase from 0.72 in Sept to 1.60 euros in October 2017. So no complaining please about any increase you might find in the shops !!!