Talking Wine – August 2019

Counterfeiting has become a serious problem in the world of fine wine and many an unsuspecting purchaser has paid a fortune for something they didn’t actually drink. However one rather naive faker make the mistake of releasing a vintage from 3 years prior to the winery releasing their first vintage – he was easily caught !!

The combat what is becoming a serious problem Barossa Valley winery Seppeltsfield have released a new micro chipped bottle which allows drinkers to scan the bottle with a smartphone and detect its authenticity as well as discovering whether the bottle has been tampered with before selling. Very clever and the way forward .

A pub which goes by the extraordinary name of The Old Cheshire Astley Volunteer Rifleman Corps Inn, which actually is in the Guinness books of Records as the longest pub name has just reopened in Manchester three years after closing. Known as the Rifleman by most locals it is very close to the pub with the world’s shortest name “the Q Inn”.

The only real problem for the new landlord was the cost of getting the name printed as the print company insisted on charging by the letter!