Talking Wine – August 2022

Binge drinking on holiday has become a major issue and I discussed the subject of reducing alcohol intake on short haul flights in a recent article. But I now read that the Balearic islands are also taking a strong stance on public drunkenness by limiting partying Brits to six drinks a day.

Quite how this is going to be policed I’m not sure and it only applies to notorious areas like Magaluf and parts of Ibiza and Palma. According to Thomas Cook on all-inclusive holidays “there is a maximum of six drinks which will be provided only during lunch and dinner”. The local government is putting a stop to pub crawls and has banned the sale of alcohol in shops after 9.30pm until the following morning.

These restrictions actually came into place in 2020 during Covid times but many Brits have been unaware of this until after their arrival. The Minister of Tourism makes it clear he still wants Brits to holiday in the region but not those whose “embarrassing behaviour” gives the town a poor reputation.

Hot spots in Europe are beginning to take these issues seriously. We all love a civilised “café culture” and this relaxed, informal atmosphere is to be encouraged. Some will argue that putting up prices will discourage these types of tourists but then I only have to think of the embarrassing behaviour of the young entitled classes in Mykonos to understand that the problem is not necessarily restricted to one socio-economic group!