Talking Wine – December 2022

As we fast approach the Christmas rush, we begin to see our annual customers. By that I mean those that only seem to come and see us at Christmas but spend the rest of the year picking up bargains at the supermarkets or ordering online from one of the many mail order firms. That’s fine , of course, but  suggests that they are looking for more interesting and expensive wine for Christmas but happy to downgrade a bit during the year. I can understand the philosophy, but I wonder if they shouldn’t consider an alternative strategy.

Christmas is a manic time of year – much is eaten and drunk. But with the whole family around – some young , some old, some interested in wine and others more interested in the alcohol content, is it really time to fork out more than your usual amount to buy better wine? A Christmas meal is a mishmash of tastes, smells and contradictions. On top of this I imagine most people will have drunk quite a bit before they even sit down. So why break the bank now? There is plenty of decent wine that will happily soak up the Christmas indulgence and the family will be none the wiser.

Instead buy that special or more interesting wine when you can enjoy it with your partner or interested friends. Then you can concentrate on the wine, swill swirl and discuss away from the distractions of an often fraught and manic occasion. I never serve top wine unless I know the guests are keen and interested. But I love it when I have a chance to share my experience with others and it gives me as much pleasure as it gives them.

Of course, we all have different priorities – I just suggest that you consider a change of habits. But who am I to tell you what to do!