Talking Wine – July 2022

I notice that American Airlines have resumed the sale of alcohol on their flights after a few years of it not being served at all. It was halted mainly due to the pandemic and perhaps also because of the unruly behaviour that is becoming more widespread in recent years. But has the ban been a success, and should airlines serve alcohol at all on flights?

It is well known that some passengers get very “carried away” – particularly those going on cheap flights to popular European destinations. Having seen it from two angles I am inclined to support the total ban of alcohol on short haul flights but allow restricted imbibing on the longer haul. That may not be popular but it would make life easier for the cabin crew who are already under huge pressure. The visited country might also appreciate a more sober Brit arriving on their shore – we have a bad enough reputation for drunken loutish behaviour so why aid and abet the situation.

Also, with the delays in airport travel these days let’s not forget that many passengers are fairly tanked up when they board the plane. I have heard that a milder breathalyser may be introduced on some flights before passengers are allowed on board. For those who seriously oppose my ideas look at the plethora of YouTube clips showing examples of outrageous drunken on-board behaviour.

I remember when smoking was banned on flights – can you imagine that happening now? Think about it.