Talking Wine – June 2015

Berry Brothers and Rudd, the most famous of all wine merchants have had £100,000 worth of wine stolen from their Basingstoke warehouse despite CCTV and an 8 foot fence round the perimeter. Apparently the thieves cut through a thick wall to remove the stock which was loaded into a van. I can only assume the alarms sounded and the police reacted so they would have to have moved pretty quickly. The thieves would have to have known what to take and apparently did, removing one case with a value of over £5,000. The problem is realising the value of such items as I imagine they wanted to sell it rather than drink it. Spirit raids are more common as it is easier to pass on well known brands but word tends to go round the wine industry who is often alerted to look out for those wishing to “dispose” of stock.

Passengers on board a Miami based Norwegian cruise liner will be given free beer, wine and spirits from next year. It sounds an attractive proposition but when pushed the company did admit that prices would be “slightly” increased to cater for this rather bizarre move. Nothing comes free but it may be a clever ploy. Passengers will no doubt over indulge initially but after a couple of days their bodies might suggest a slow down and a return to a more responsible approach to alcohol. Most of us have experienced an all inclusive holiday at some point and I am always suspicious of the quality and strength of the “free” drinks on offer. Let’s hope the cruise doesn’t disappoint!!