Talking Wine – June 2022

We provide wine to hundreds of weddings a year (literally) and most come to us first for a tasting and chat about the format, quality, budget and numbers. We attempt to be as flexible as possible and offer free delivery and collection as well as sale or return.

We do offer advice and tips too – not least because we are very experienced and understand the issues and pitfalls.

Nevertheless, we have had some amusing moments and ones where I have lost the battle. One of the most amusing was when an entire family turned up – literally about 12 people – with Grannys , Uncles , brothers-in-law and even the local pub barman (because he knew about wine!) Well, the tasting took three hours – no one could agree. Uncle Bob knew best and was never wrong, Granny wanted whisky for her husband, Aunty Dorothy seemed to be a gin addict. The wine was either too sweet or too dry – our Prosecco was given the green light until Tracy said she could get it (the prosecco) at Aldi for £3.99. And so it went on and on… the order was complicated, but they were happy – not least because they’d all drunk huge amounts.

Another couple came along with two sets of parents and a dog and ordered sherry, fizz, still wine, dessert wine and Port followed by an array of exotic spirits which would have tested the most experienced barman. Others have suggested a glass each for a six-hour wedding. Glad I wasn’t going to that one!

An Irish couple insisted on gallons of Guinness and no wine – no even during the meal. The only other offering was to be Irish Whiskey but we did manage to alter their preconceptions.

Another couple, tasting alone, wanted a wine menu of a choice of four each of Red and White. They got their way but most of it came back on sale or return.

So, when planning a wedding aim to keep things easy and simple. You cannot please everyone and it’s your party so do what you want and don’t be swayed by trying to please everyone. But listen to what we have to say – we really are quite experienced.