Talking Wine – May 2016

Oh no!! I have just read that Donald Trump has brought out his own wine emblazoned with the Trump moniker. God help us all and let’s pray that nobody in this country is foolish enough to import it. It sells for up to $50 a bottle and apparently is sourced from Virginia. Tasting notes might read something like “Rich but straightforward, lacking complexity, substance and depth – a wine with a limited future”. It seems that the current President was also amused to hear this and in a rip roaring speech in Texas he took Trump to task over his wine brand by saying “has anyone actually bought that wine?” I do have a distrust for celebrities jumping on the bandwagon and bringing out wines under their name. With a few exceptions most are just fronting a brand or vineyard and have very little knowledge of the wine making process. Even if they own the property they rarely visit – it is merely a commercial opportunity which makes me feel less inclined to buy the product.