Talking Wine – October 2013

Terrible storms have hit France which will no doubt push up prices again next year. One of the worst hit areas was Bordeaux, where the Entre deux Mers vineyards have been stripped of their entire crop – but who drinks much white Bordeaux anyway these days? In Alsace hailstorms the size of ping pong balls has done the damage although it is thought that much of the crop can be saved. Elsewhere there are also problems so expect this to be the excuse given for further price hikes next year!

It’s alright for some! A free case of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is given to Graham Norton, the TV chat show host each week. However before you assume the man must be a raging alcoholic be assured that whilst he enjoys the odd glass the wine goes into a goodie bag which is given to his guests. This arrangement suits Invivo Wines, the owners, who feel that they are reaching a celebrity market but they plan to go one further shortly with the introduction of a Graham Norton Sauvignon Blanc. I could think of some very interesting tasting notes!!!