As a lover of wine and food I’m all for the classic food and wine pairings for example, mussels and Muscadet, steak and Malbec or fish and chips with Champagne (seriously you’ve got to try it). However sometimes you just don’t want to cook and there’s nothing better than a good packet of crisps when you’re watching a movie, so why can’t you eat crisps and enjoy wine AT THE SAME TIME? Here are my top ten wine and crisp pairings.
  1. Wotsits with Circumstance Cabernet Sauvignon Big bold cheddar like flavours deserve an equally big and bold wine and what better than this South African biodynamic stonker.
  2. Nik Naks Nice’n’Spicy with Vinas del Vero Gewurtztraminer These weirdly spicy, kind of sweet little bites are screaming out for an equally eccentric wine. Bring in the Spanish Gewurtz!
  3. Frazzles with Saint Cosme Saint-Joseph Northern Rhone wines are famed for their delightfully smoky, meaty savouriness, accentuate those flavours with everyone’s favourite bacon snack.
  4. Skips with Baronne de Cleray Muscadet de Sevre et Maine sur Lie Skips are prawn flavoured, right? Stick with the classic pairing of seafood and Muscadet.
  5. Blue Cheese Mini Cheddars with Quinta de la Rosa LBV I didn’t know blue cheese mini cheddars were a thing until recently, these are a game-changer. Everyone knows sweet and salty is the way to go so have yourself a “port and cheese board” in a packet.
  6. McCoy’s Flamegrilled Steak with Obra Prima Malbec The Argentinians know how to cook a mean steak, as such they know how to make a great wine to pair with steak, this particular Malbec has all you need, fruit, smoke, dark chocolate and coffee.
  7. Salt and Vinegar with Gusbourne Brut Reserve Find the saltiest, vinegar-iest crisps, I’m partial to a packet of Chipsticks, to go with a great bottle of British bubbles. Think back to Champagne and Fish and Chips.
  8. Walkers Roast Chicken with Bird in Hand Chardonnay This is the laziest Sunday dinner I can think of, but it’s brilliant. This very carefully oaked Chardonnay has the perfect acidity and is proving all the Aussie Chardonnay naysayers wrong.
  9. Flamin’ Hot Doritos with Casas del Bosque Carmenère Spicy food and red wine can sometimes be a challenge, but in swoops Carmenere with a touch of residual sugar and plenty of richness to stand up to the bold flavours.
  10. Pickled Onion MonsterMunch withTxomin Etxaniz Txakoli I love Pickled Onion MonsterMunch so much that I couldn’t leave them out, but they were a tough one to pair with. Then I remembered the super refreshing Txakoli with mouth-watering acidity, what a wine!
Remember, wine doesn’t have to be taken too seriously, after all it’s there to be enjoyed in your own way. Experiment and try things out of the norm, you never know what you might find.