The Life of an MW Student – Forty Two

This week marked four weeks until my third (and hopefully final) attempt at the Master of Wine tasting exams. There are several important things to get done in these four weeks, which I will list for you below.

All the flash cards. Committing vintage characteristics, typical alcohol and sugar levels and ageing requirements to memory is an essential task for the next four weeks. While most of my study has been digital, I find there’s nothing quite like putting pen to paper and creating some tangible revision aids.

Stop drinking (mostly). I need as much energy as I can get this month, and as much as I like wine, it disturbs my sleep. Prioritising rest is vital for managing stress levels and building the stamina I need to get through this last hurdle. However, I’m not a puritan so I will make sure to really enjoy the odd glass of something delicious.

Panic tasting. Ok – I’m not planning for it to be panicked, but I’m a realist and I know myself. Waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat because I can’t remember what Hunter Valley Semillon tastes like? I’ve been there. I’ll be buying wine left right and centre, making sure my sensory memories are spot on.

Make a plan for exam week. I’ve booked myself a little studio apartment for the days of the exam. It’s within walking distance of the venue which I’m pleased about, since last year I got on the tube in the wrong direction on one of the days. I’ve made my packing list, scoped out some local cafés – anything that will ease the mental load during those extremely stressful days.

Make a plan for after exam week. We’ve booked a little cottage in Devon for the days following the exams for a bit of rest and relaxation. It’s in the middle of nowhere – which will be just perfect! Just me, my husband, a barbecue and hopefully some sunshine. Oh, and no wine! Although I might have a cheeky G&T.

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