The Oxford Wine and Spirit Podcast is live!

After many months in development, we are delighted to announce that The Oxford Wine and Spirit Podcast is now live!

Each episode we pick a topic in the vast world of wine and spirits culture and spend time talking to the experts and geeking out on everything exciting going on in that world right now.

Season One sees us discuss all things bitter with aperitivo expert Claire Warner, travel into the world of UK rum with master blender Lewis Hayes and visit the country of Georgia with MW Sarah Abbott.  We’ll hear about storytelling in Scotch Whisky, dive into the Piemonte wine region and take a trip to Tequila town.

Whether you’re a seasoned expert or simply looking to find out more about the wonderful world of wine and spirits, we’ve got you covered.  New episodes launch twice a month.

Find the first episode here: Finding Beauty in Bitterness with guest Claire Warner.

A huge thank you to Tom Brady for all the hard work he has done in putting this fascinating series together. Follow us on social media to stay up to date!