Talking Wine – November 2014

I am sure that I am not alone is being somewhat shocked to hear that medication may be issued to those drinking two glasses of wine a night in an effort to reduce their ‘habit.’ Whilst I have always supported the view that it is sensible to have two nights a week off alcohol it seems that the nanny state is taking things a little far here. Has there being any mention of glass size or alcohol levels? I am not sure that two small glasses of German Riesling at 9% would be as ‘damaging’ as two large glasses of 15% Aussie red. Surely common sense is what is required? We all know when we have had periods of heavy indulgence and it is our responsibility to ensure that we maintain a balance in our consumption. It doesn’t seem long ago that I was reading that two glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon red wine were good for the heart. Last week there was strong evidence submitted that indicated that red wine was good for acne. We are all mightily confused with these mixed messages!! I can see the pills being lined up each morning. One for the second glass, one for eating 3 slices of bread, one of drinking full fat milk, one for that box of chocolates and one for watching X factor.

Come on bureaucrats – get a life!

It was a good vintage in England last year but this year’s is reckoned to be the best ever after a long warm dry summer. In addition the nights have been warm, almost Mediterranean, so with no substantial temperature drop the grapes have ripened more easily. There could even be a problem with over ripeness and not enough acidity in some areas – not a problem often encountered in the UK!! The good harvest will be especially welcome for Nyetimber, arguably the best known English sparkling wine, who took the painful decision not to harvest any grapes at all in 2012 due to the poor quality of the vintage. The UK wine business is thriving with over 135 wineries and more rapid expansion and investment which will soon demonstrate that English wine is much more than a curiosity.