The Life of an MW Student – Twenty Six

It’s easy, in the wine trade, to slip into unhealthy drinking patterns. We are constantly surrounded by delicious, interesting, and often free, wine. However, overindulging in alcohol is not conducive to a 5:00 alarm followed by two hours of rigorous study and a gym visit. Nor does it help with the anxiety that frequently troubles me as the pressure builds. So, the first of my New Year’s Resolutions is to drink less – but better. A glass of something totally delicious, with dinner, and at least three dry days a week. My spittoon will be getting a lot more action in 2023, but I’m sure I’ll feel all the better for it.

In pursuit of this goal, I will be stocking up on my favourite alcohol-free options. I’m afraid I have yet to find an alcohol-free wine that I’d fancy drinking. Instead, I’ll be going for some Lucky Saint (my current favourite non-alcoholic beer), cans of cheap Sainsbury’s Ginger Beer (make it fancy with ice, mint, and a twist of lime). I have also really enjoyed Martini’s ‘Vibrante’ Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo which, when mixed with soda or tonic, makes a delicious pre-dinner drink which scratches that Campari itch. I also thank my colleague Manda for introducing me to tonic water with a dash of celery bitters, which makes a suitably ‘grown-up’ feeling aperitivo which will not break my New Year’s resolution.

All of this abstinence will merit a reward. When I indulge, it will be with something delicious. White Burgundy with Roast Chicken. Chianti with Pappardelle alla Bolognese. Champagne with Fish & Chips.

Although, as exam season approaches and every glass of wine becomes a revision opportunity, I anticipate the perfect pairings described above will go out of the window. Instead, I shall be treating myself with what is possibly the world’s greatest food and drink combination: a beer and a curry.

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